Who are we

Pinball Boat is both an engineering department based in Arcachon and a shipyard based in Oleron Island.

Pinball Boat is a French “start-up” created in 2016 focused on new uses of yachting. It combines experience of Pascal, creator and former CEO of Goupil, electric vehicle European leader with skills of Stéphane,10 years of successful boat design. Pinball in Arcachon is a team of 4 engineers who mastered key competences: naval architecture, Bernoulli's Equation (Simon), electrical engineering, embedded software (Timothé)

In 2020 Pinball finalized electric-hybrid catamaran design anwith Jean-Yves overtook Ocqueteau shipyard based in Oleron Island. Ocqueteau is a 70 years tradition of boat construction.
Today in Oleron, Pinball manufactures Ostrea fishing range which has contributed to Ocqueteau success and its innovative electric-hybrid catamaran.

Who are we

  • OperationTeam
  • Removing hull from mold
    Removing hull from mold
  • Infused fiberglass hull process
    Infused fiberglass hull process


Where does the name "Pinball" come from?

The pinball machine story started in the 1930s in Chicago. It has been a great success until beginning of 1990 to become part of pop culture
Mid-70’s, at Pinball machine height, I was 10 years old and ideal holidays was fishing on a sea boat and playing Pinball.
40 years later, “Pinball Boat” appeared to me as an obvious name for our shipyard company.
Pinball is fun, easy to access, friendly, vintage, full of innovations ... like our “Happy Day Boat”. So if you come across pinball machines in a boat show, come closer, it's us!

Pinball - Where does the name "Pinball" come from?