Highly Maneuverable

Highly Maneuverable

Piloting your electric boat becomes as easy as driving your car!



Innovation designed around the pilot for easy boating

When operating in Electric propulsion, nozzle propulsion algorithm provides high maneuverability and makes it easy entry–exit port to less experienced pilot.

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In Electric propulsion, no propeller out of hull means no stress

When operating in Electric propulsion, engine is off, sterndrive is up and electric propellers are secured in nozzles.
This is better for swimmers safety and you 
can go gently in shallow water without the worry of breaking a propeller on a rock.




Catamaran hull design provides comfort and stability in navigation and at anchor.

Hull is the DNA of boats.
Our two sharp-looking half hulls  offer low drag resistance when moving forward, ideal for electric propulsion.
Our catamaran offer more stability at anchor and greater performance on rougher waters. Our specific hull split waves rather than jumping it.


Easy and intuitive operation

Both Electric and hybrid propulsions can be operate effortless with a steering wheel and a single lever. Pilot select Electric or Hybrid with two LED’s switches (blue or yellow)

  • Hybrid electric
  • Controller
  • Touchscreen
  • Steering wheel
  • The change from Electric propulsion/ Hybrid propulsion is made via two switches with LEDs respectively yellow and blue

  • 100% digital throttle and forward / reverse levers. Our integrated digital shifting system allows you to change direction and acceleration smoothly and evenly

  • Touch interface which reinforces the understanding of the boat.
    Display, configure and control all propulsion and navigation data on a large 10 ”touchscreen

  • Integrated electric steering.

    This steering provides easy maneuverability and control of the boat without effort on the steering wheel.

Touchscreen display

Collects and displays all pilot information in one place via a single interface.

Integrated with our hybrid - electric Propulsion system, the interface provides a full overview and control of navigation, engine & motors monitoring, warnings and alarms.

View information like main battery charge, fuel gauge, electric or hybrid operation, engines & electric motors output, water flow when maneuvering in electric, Boost and regen operation.